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How a little-known business coach gets 3x to 10x ROI for his clients in 90 days or less without increasing costs or work hours.


Business Strategy is a major buzz word in all of the business circles I am in lately.

At first, it seems bland and vanilla for a subject, but upon further investigation, I found that:

-74% of businesses have a good strategy but poor execution

- 8% of businesses have a poor plan and poor execution

-13% of businesses have a bad plan but are good at execution

This means that only 4% to 8% of business owners have a great strategy and are executing it.

Maybe having a great business strategy and execution plan should be much more important than most business owners, banks and non-profit leaders are making it.

Let me repeat that just so it sinks in. . .Only 4% of businesses have a great plan and are executing on it with excellence!

What does this mean?

Or better, what is 1 major implication of this alarming statistic?

That 96% of business have room for improvement and are not working up to their full potential.

Human potential, cash potential, equity potential, all the possible categories of potential in 96% of business are being at least partially wasted or mis-directed.

When I met this business coach and became friends with him, I got the chance to begin working with him and watching an entire other world of how a person can make a struggling business breakthrough to new growth success, and how someone can take a sick and failing business and turn it around by being an expert at 2 things:

1- Strategy: How to make the right kind of business plan and

2- Execution: How to get your team to carry it out every day with energy, excitement and buy-in

So of these 96% of businesses, they have a bad plan, bad execution, or both.

He told me that the three top reasons for bad plans are:

▫Lack of market analysis

▫Not involving the right people in planning

▫Lack of proper metrics – leading indicators

The three top reasons for poor execution:

▫Plans are too complicated

▫Plans lack a simple execution calendar where everyone knows what is due by when (W3) 

▫Plans are poorly communicated/no buy-in

So the million dollar question is: how does a business owner go from the 96% to the 4%?

Well, there is a simple roadmap for that, to help a business owner get from the 96% to the 4%.

It does not mean the work is easy, but it does mean there is a clear and simple path if the plan is right.

Also, it means that without a proper analysis, a business owner will struggle to grow his or her business for years to come.

How can a business owner fix what he or she can't properly measure or diagnose?

Think about it, when you go to the doctor's office, they do a series of questions and have an intake process to quickly streamline the diagnosis process.

They have to get to a proper diagnosis so they know what they need to do to help the patient.

Without the intake process and a proper methodology or roadmap, a doctor would have a more difficult time ordering the right tests and coming up with a diagnosis or treatment plan.

So, let's pretend for a minute, that your business is in the 96% - something is not quite right, but you are not sure why it is not working as it should.

Not that it's not working, or that you are not working hard, but that it's not working as well as it could.

There are symptoms of some dysfunction, but it can often be challenging to take the time to figure out what the root cause of dysfunction is.

The simple process to get your business back on track involves 4 ideas:

1- Analysis - doing a professional "x-ray" of your business to see what is really going on (best performed by a proven professional or methodology & tools)

2- Diagnosis - figuring out what the dysfunction or business illness is from the Analysis, data, feedback etc.

3- Remedy / Plan - creating a remedy or plan to get the business back on track.

4- Execution - developing a systematic way to keep everyone engaged and on track to carrying out the remedy or plan

These 4 phases are essential to any kind of business consulting success, as I have done this on the marketing side for over 10 years and see the same kinds of issues and solutions over various kinds of businesses in just about every industry.

If you look at the 4 stages above, this is also a simple roadmap, a progression of 4 clear stages that are required to help a business improve.

It's not always enough to just tell it like I did above, sometimes you have to show it to involve more sense and to quickly communicate a simple roadmap to success.

A simple graphic to communicate, walk through or even "sell" this idea might involve a start and a finish, and a few little icons to represent the 4 phases in order.

Then you might have a compelling question or headline that would clearly state the benefits of the 4 step process and give it your own logo or clear branding statement.


You can easily mock up a sketch and then send it off to or Fiverr to get a professional graphic artist to use your branding and colors to make it pop.

When you show prospects a clear map, they can quickly see where they are, that they are entering into a proven process, and their trust

More specifically, when working with Tim Scholten of Visible Progress, I found that he had developed a 7 step process that helps businesses get their strategy right and their execution right so their business can grow as a healthy, thriving business.

Just as a good doctor wants to see his or her patients improve or maintain good health, a great consultant wants to see his or her clients improve or maintain a healthy business.

To be able to get your business to a healthier level where it can grow, sometimes requires a little humility in first admitting that something is not working quite right.

The first battle is to simply admit that the business needs help, and that help might come from outside the business team.

Sometimes, the first and most valuable asset that an outside consultant has to offer is a fresh set of eyes.

If you are a business owner who is not too caught up in pride or ego, then you stand a much better chance than your competitors who are too proud to get help.

Once the ego issue is out of the way, finding a good consultant who can provide a positive ROI is worth the time and investment.

What I learned from Tim Scholten is that a great consultant will not just have great tools, insight, experience, references, and people skills, but they will have something that ties it all together (it's called a success roadmap).

A great consultant (versus an average one) will have a very clear framework or roadmap that he or she has refined and proved over time with previous clients.


A great roadmap is something that I was personally missing for years and having the right roadmap or framework does so many amazing things to improve the consultant / client relationship, process and success.

A great roadmap or framework helps in so many ways including:

1- Empowering the consultant to communicate with simplicity and clarity

2- Enabling the client to easily see where their progress is and what to do next

3- Empowering the business team to communicate clearly and work in complete team unity

4- Giving all people involved the confidence, clarity and a sure pathway to improvement and success

5- Putting boundaries on the scope of work for faster, easier decision-making

and a lot more . . .

These 5 quick examples are just a few of the immediate results that were obvious to me when I began using a simple roadmap to guide my clients.

In addition, I began to get a completely renewed sense of energy and excitement for my own business because I instantly began seeing ways that I could apply this same approach to every client I would ever serve.

I even began losing sleep because the ideas and clarity were coming to my mind at the speed of light!

Excitement and a renewed sense of passion was infused back into my own business and daily work because of the clarity I gained by looking at my own business and other businesses using this same, simple approach!

I remembered a Bible verse that I had heard in the past that says, "Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, so he may run that reads it."  (Habakkuk 2:2)
What this verse of wisdom says to me is that the need for a clear message has been around for a long, long time.
It also speaks to me about how a clear message can empower the one who reads it as well as the one who hears it.
It also says to make it plain - not complex - but simple, plain and clear.
Clarity and simplicity bring so many additional benefits.

Being in Internet Marketing & Sales, audio (verbal) and visual communication is the currency (the gold or the cash) and people's attention is at an all-time premium because of the white noise, busyness of the culture, and the overuse of digital devices and social media, among other things.

Human beings continue to adapt to the onslaught of media, information and marketing, so it becomes more and more critical to stand out and be incredibly clear with your message, or you will be buried in the sea of noise with all of your competitors.

At the heart of it, a great business owner wants the same thing that a great consultant wants. . . to use his or her time, talent and treasure to help others be more successful.

The better we are able to stand out using the principles of CLARITY and SIMPLICITY, the more we will be able maximize our ability to help others we serve.

How does one really stand out, get noticed, make a difference and really help others?

The one word that makes all the difference is "CLARITY".

Clarity is the key, not only to helping businesses improve through consulting, but in improving your sales and marketing returns by 3X or more without increasing ad spend.

There is a saying in sales and marketing that goes something like, "if you confuse, you lose".

The roadmap I am now using has completely erased sales resistance and opens doors to new clients with absolute ease.

While everyone else out there in the sales and marketing hustle is TELLING, I have learned that SHOWING and TELLING is 10X more powerful.

And, it's not just showing and telling anything. . . it has to be the right thing and it is achieved by the process of distilling or simplifying your verbal and visual message in such a way that tells a simple story of transformation and guidance.

The message should position you as an authority and show your clients a simple roadmap of success where they can identify where they are on the journey, and that you have the map to help them achieve the rest of the journey with simplicity and clarity.

It doesn't take complex systems, words and manipulative charm and techniques to sell, as all of that is striving and overkill.

All it takes is a clearly crafted targeted message and simple visuals that gives your prospects and clients the reassurance that you know how to help them identify where they are on their journey toward greater success, and what they need to do next to get to the next level of success.

It really is that simple, yet it took me over 8 years of hard knocks, small successes and a lot of failure to understand it.

Once I understood the power of simplicity and clarity in sales and marketing, I created my own roadmap that helped me onboard clients much faster, with much more clarity, and with earlier success.

If you would like to double your online leads in 90 days or less without technology confusion, we can help.  Give us a call for an overview.  No sales hassles, just a simple plan that really works!



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