How to get help with your Internet Project or Marketing Consulting

Thank you for giving the confidence to come to this page.  You have taken the next step in hiring me as your Internet Project and Marketing Consultant.

Your help is just a few minutes away.  Please take a few moments to decide which package is right for you, after you have read our terms of service.

Currently, we offer several levels of service and products, in 4 general areas:

1) Actual Strategic Web Development and Design

2) Improving Targeted Paid and Free Traffic to your site and business

3) Improving the Sales and Conversion Rates to your site and business

4) Relationship and Email Marketing Strategies, Planning, Design and Implementation

Online Marketing Consulting fees (no products):

Option 1- Single Coaching Response - 1 email response:  $30

This is a very popular option, Ask an Internet or Marketing Related Question and receive 10 minutes of my time via email.  This is a very inexpensive way to get concise advice within 2-3 business days.

Buy only what you need.  There are not opt-ins, no hidden fees, and no subscriptions or continuity programs.  Just honest, experienced, solid consulting advice via email.


Option 2 - One 30 minute phone session:  $100

This is a great option for reviewing a website and getting a lot of tips for improvement strategies and direction.

Choose this option if you want to increase traffic through SEO, PPC, or Social Marketing, if you want to improve conversion rates, need an honest website improvement critique, or would like consulting on improving email and conversational marketing.  This phone call requires an appointment.


Option 3 - 1 hour phone coaching session:  $200

This option is for more in-depth strategies and long-term idea changes

Pick this option if you are considering a career or marketing direction change, are considering new product launches or are having multiple issues with your marketing, sales funnel and web conversion or traffic process.  A lot can be covered in this 1 hour session and before making a major decision, call me for 1 hour and some fresh, relevant insight and coaching.


Monthly Consulting - ongoing retainer

Option 4 - 30 minutes per month $100 recurring by appointment Tues-Fri 10-4 EST.  

When you are on a retainer, you have same day access to me via Skype (or phone) during my business hours.  If I am online at the time, we can get working right away, and if not, we can set up an appointment that same day if possible, and if not, your time is scheduled before 1-time appointments (Options 1-3).

This is a perfect option for more serious Internet Marketers and Web Strategists who are fairly active and busy and is also great if you are a consultant working with your own set of clients.  If you get in a bind, or have ideas you need to bounce off of me, you can use this monthly retainer to have more immediate access to my time via Skype (or phone).

This is also a great option for entrepreneurs, small business owners and other Internet and Marketing Decision-Makers.


Option 5 - 60 minutes per month $200 recurring by appointment Tues-Fri 10-4 EST.

On this retainer, you have more access to my time via Skype, Phone and email during my posted business hours.  If I am online at the time, we can get working right away, and if not, we can set up an appointment that same day or the next day if possible. Your time takes schedule precedence before all other non-retainer options.

This is a great option for Consultants or Full time Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Web Strategists, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Decision Makers who are in the Internet and Marketing World every day.  Whether you work for yourself, are an employee, or are a consultant, this is a great high level access option for you.  


Landing Page, Squeeze Page or Splash Page Full Review & Critique  $347

This is a 1 time project review that is a great option for someone who created, or purchased a squeeze page, landing page, opt-in page, or splash page from a designer, copywriter, or another service and would really like a professional second opinion with a complete list of ideas for testing and improvement.  If there are too few to test or to make improvements, we will tell you up front and there will only be a minimal review fee of $100.  

However, no landing page or squeeze page is ever created perfectly on the first version, and we will give you a complete critique and review inlcuding different ideas to test for headline improvements, benefit bullets and improvements, layout (heat map) improvements based off of millions of heatmap overlays, different offer ideas, calls to action, and other testable improvement ideas to get the best conversion for your page.

This is ideal for a business owner, designer, internet marketer, entrepreneur, or a consultant who would like a complete professional review with detailed suggestions and potential tests to run for improving conversions or sales.  There are no subscriptions or hidden fees.  Just an honest critique from many years of successful landing page design experience.


Sales Page (Long) Full Review & Critique - Incluldes Long Ad Copywriting Critique $977

This is a 1 time project review that is a great choice for an individual, business owner, entrepreneur, designer, copywriter or marketing firm that is about to run a full sales page or long copy advertisement or long sales page online and would like a full review for every aspect, including:

  • headline and subheadlines suggestions
  • multiple split-testing ideas
  • grapic review
  • call to action placements, language, graphics critique
  • social proof improvement suggestions
  • complete copywriting review and analysis
  • overall professionalism presentation critique

This is limited to 1 long sales page of 20 or less double spaced 8.5 x 11 pages or 10 single spaced pages (as 1 long sales page).


Other Products and Services:

Logo Design:  2 proofs and 1 final revision $150

This is a great entry level product whereby we discuss your design colors, company, target and look at design options to give you 2 web proofs for a Logo Design.  Then, we discuss the 2 proofs and we make changes (if necessary) to 1 of the designs and deliver a final logo design for web in jpg format and psd (Photoshop) format.


Logo Design: 3 proofs and 1 final revision $177

This is a great entry level product whereby we discuss your design colors, company, target and look at design options to give you 3 web proofs for a Logo Design.  Then, we discuss the 3 proofs and we make changes (if necessary) to 1 of the designs and deliver a final logo design for web in jpg format and psd (Photoshop) format.


Starter Website built on Drupal Install $500 plus hosting fees at Bluehost and 1 domain name

This includes a starter custom website with 5 basic pages (350-550 words per page or placeholder words)

This package includes*:

  • 960 width site with 15 editable areas (see layout regions below)
  • setup of header, menu, footer, and 1 sidebar navigation
  • a contact form
  • administrative login
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • CAPTCHA or MOLLOM Spam Protection
  • "Add to Any" Social Media Share Save Button Installation

Layout regions for starter site

*NOTE - You must provide the logo, colors and content for all pages up front or within 1 week of purchase date to implement site.

Starter site does not include consultation or ongoing editing, but 1 time setup only.


Other Custom Website Options:

  • Including fully integrated, customizable shopping carts
  • Social Media Integration,
  • Podcast Ready,
  • Feed Ready and XML Sitemap Compliant
  • Video Ready,
  • Forum Features
  • Blog Integration
  • Chat Integration (Member or Public or combination)
  • Full User profile and Facebook (TM) type social site building
  • Flash Features and animated authoring
  • and Public or Private Membership Site Builds
  • and much more

Please call or contact us for details and pricing / payment options at 1-614-372-6142


Before hiring me as your coach or consultant, please read all of the terms and conditions below. By clicking and paying through any of the Paypal buttons above, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

One Time Coaching (Phone and Ask a Question by Email Options)

You must use your 1 time consulting purchase within 14 days or you lose it without a refund. This is necessary to prevent people from procrastinating about asking for advice, or failing to arrange a session.   If for some emergency reason, you need and extension, please call me to make special arrangements at 1-614-372-6142.

Monthly Consulting

A retainer will be withdrawn from your Credit Card or Paypal account balance on a monthly basis. The 30 or 60 recurring monthly minutes that you purchased are the minimum. If you use all of your pre-purchased time, you can buy additional time for $100 per 30 minutes.  Time cannot be broken up into less than 30 minute increments.

Also, my time cannot be rolled over to the next month.   For example, if you purchase a retainer from me on the 5th of the month, you must remember to use all your allotted time by the 4th day of the following month, or you forfeit that time with no refund or recourse.   At any time, you can cancel your subscription to retain me via your Paypal account or by contacting me.

Once you pay me via retainer, we will need to schedule appointments in 30 minute increments. You can catch me on Skype at any time during my office hours when I am in operation. My user name is theSchulmans. Or, you can call me to schedule an appointment at 614-372-6142.

If you have paid to retain me at the $200 a month option, you can call my home number any time during office hours.  You will also have the ability to have first access to my weekly schedule to plan your week accordingly.  You will have first preference over all non-retainer clients and can schedule phone meetings the same day if my schedule permits or 1 business day in advance schedule permitting.

Cancellations and Refunds

There are no refunds for any of my time or consulting services.  If you are a retainer client, you can cancel at any time by canceling your recurring paypal payment.

When you cancel your Paypal Subscription, any other subscriptions that were included in the consulting package will be terminated automatically and immediately. If you have a balance of due coaching time for the month, you also forfeit any remaining minutes for that month the moment you cancel.   Be sure to use all of your time before canceling if this is a concern.

Also, before you cancel your recurring retainer, make a note to use all of your time and cancel at least 1 day before your next payment is due.

Aim Advantage No Liability Policy

All information you receive from Aaron Schulman, CEO of through Skype, email, the VIP Member Areas, or in phone conversations is Aaron's professional opinion, which is based on his personal work, strategies, implementations, observations and years of experience in internet strategy building and consulting. Neither Aaron Schulman or or any affiliated persons or partners assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever for your use of or inability to use any or all of the information you receive from the sessions, materials, podcasts, PDFs, videos, online or offline. You agree that you will be using the information you receive at your own risk.

Update Policy

Aaron Schulman and reserves the right to change prices, rights and privileges, to add and delete content, or to add and remove features or benefits at any time without question or limitation. In the event of what we deem to be a serious update, you will be notified of the changes via email to the email address we have on your file.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some links within's resources (regardless of media tpe), or that you receive via email communications, Skype or by phone may be affiliate links whereby Aaron Schulman and / or receives financial compensation should you purchase products or services by clicking on said links.

Privacy Policy

Aaron Schulman and agrees to never sell, rent, trade, or lend any information about its customers (you) to anyone, for any reason, whatsoever, other than required by court order or law as deemed legal in the State of Ohio. Your privacy is respected and well protected.  Any other terms of service will fall under the site terms of Service, Warranties, Disclaimers and Site Policies found at

Copyright Agreement

All content from or from Aaron Schulman is Copyright 2009-2011 Aaron Schulman - All rights reserved world wide.   All trademarks and service marks are property of their respective owners.   No rebroadcast, retransmission, reposting, sharing, hosting, copying, or storage in any data retrieval system is permitted without prior written consent of Aaron Schulman.

The content on and the consulting advice I give to you is for you and your use alone.  It will give you an honest, real world advantage over the competition.  By hiring our services or products, you agree not to duplicate or share them with others.

Concluding Remarks

I’m willing and able to help you achieve your Internet Business and Marketing Goals.   All that is necessary on your part is to pick the right package and implement the necessary changes to strategy and / or behavior to see results.

Which package will be right for you at this time? Do you need a 1 time consultation, an ongoing retainer, a website development project, traffic strategy help, sales conversion testing and advice, relationship marketing improvement or more custom options?

The next step is yours my friend.

I've made it easy and affordable for you to hire me.  Just scroll back to the top and click on the Paypal button next to the option that you want to buy now.  If you have a larger, more long-term relationship or project in mind, please call me at 614-372-6142 to discuss the details of this idea.


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