10 Simple Steps to Easy Traffic and Leads

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TRAFFIC is the Easy Part - 10 Simple Steps to highly targeted traffic and leads
How to get loads of quality, targeted traffic to your site with 1 quality article.
If someone told me that "Traffic is the Easy Part", and I was struggling with exposure and traffic, I
would probably feel a little irritated with them.  (That is if they didn't offer some effective help).  Here
is a simple 10-step process that we have used to help clients gain easy, targeted traffic and you
can too.  Give it a try, and we're sure that you'll get traffic and leads if you don't give up on the
process (we're always tweaking this process, but it is fun to see new prospects and leads flow in
when you get it all set up and can be highly profitable):

Write an original quality article with specific helpful knowledge that speaks to problems
and solutions for prospects in your niche (and is related to your product or services).  Your
article should be between 350 to 550 words. If it is much shorter, then it is hard to convey
enough quality to get interest (though it can be done).  If it is much longer, consider breaking it
up into a 2 or 3 part series depending on length.  This can also create anticipation for the next
in the series or can allow for more room for advertising and helpful information.  It can also
help you to serve your visitors and establish better trust, credibility and readership.

Have the article re-written (by yourself) or by Elance workers for about $7 a pop for
a 350-550 word article.  Be sure to spell out in exact detail what you want and always
keep all communications within the Elance work room to protect your account and your
profile credibility.  You can use the same posting to hire multiple writers and even tell
the writers that you may be interested in a long-term relationship if the quality is 
excellent and the working relationship is smooth (this has worked well for us).

Develop a Squeeze Page (or at least a clear opt-in on your landing page of your
website) to capture leads from the articles once they are out there in cyber-space.
If you are not familiar with a squeeze page, you can hire us to develop one for your 
organization, product, or service or you can learn more at one of our sites here:

Publish the articles to high ranking article communities like Ezine Articles (and
others).  They used to allow duplicate content, but that is no longer the case with Google
getting tighter and penalizing repeat content.  That is why we re-write articles or have Elance
or Vworker writers do it.

Re-work your article into a unique press release and use PRWeb or other free
press release sites to spread the word. PrWeb has free and paid options and their
product and process is the leader in the Press Release Industry in our opinion (and the
opinions of thousands of others).  Try PRWeb out for your next traffic article or release.

Record your article as a podcast using free audio software
here : http://audacity.sourceforge.net/   You can download the lame mp3 encoder as
well and convert your audio recordings into many formats as well as alter the Hz and
bit rate quality to reduce file sizes without hampering the quality.

Post your podcast to your site and set it up for feeds to other podcast directories
and "feed-burners". Be sure to record and intro and "outro" telling people where your site
address or squeeze page address is.  You can sign up for free music clips at  
http://www.soundsnap.com/ and find a ton of quality music loops to layer into your audios
to give them a bit more presentation.  Make sure the clips you layer into your podcast
intros and outros are not over-bearing.  Balance is the key to making a quality audio.
Make a blog, article, or forum post to your site that is a quality re-write of your
main article.  Include affiliate links or your product or service links naturally into the content
of your article.  In other words, make the links fit naturally into the flow of the article so
it does not appear to be a strong "sell" but a natural suggested link that just makes sense
and fits the conversation.

Turn your article into a slideshow and post it to your site as well as Slideshare.net.  
You may want to wait until your personal site article is indexed by Google and other 
search engines before posting to Slideshare.net as Slideshare converts your slides
into an outline and then posts the content right beneath your slideshow.  They are
"spidered" and indexed constantly so their content will most likely get posted as original
and yours might get indexed as duplicate so watch this step. You can also create your
slide show so that the text is not in the Power Point, but is a part of the background graphic
for each slide, or create 2 versions of your slideshow - 1 for Slideshare and 1 for your
site so they are the same idea, but both original content.  You can actually use "Impress"
in the Open Office Suite to create Power Point Slide shows and convert them to SWF
(flash) slide shows inside this open source and free software.

Turn your slideshow into a video. Using your slideshow, you can create great
videos for your niche / prospects with some very affordable software.  If you don't have it,
we recommend getting Sony Vegas for a powerful video software with an easy learning
curve (compared to the several video software programs we have used over the years)
If you get Sony Vegas, you can record audio directly in the program after loading your
slideshow into it.
Bonus: Step 11:  Distribute your video to multiple video community sites like Youtube, 
Google Video, Vimeo, etc.  Make sure that you have a call to action visible with your site link
under the video with some kind of promotional or free valuable report / download to 
offer as an incentive for visiting your main site or squeeze-page and opting in.  You can also 
embed your video into your article, forum or blog post on the same page as your article.
Hope you have fun and make great profits generating more traffic with 1 quality article!

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