10 Tested Strategies to Get More Emails Opened

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Your email campaign (and ours) is no good if people don't open the emails:
Here are 10 tested and powerful strategies you can use and test to get more people
to open your emails. . . 
One very successful direct mailing marketer in the Real Estate Industry said, 
"the first hurdle is to get them to open my mail.  
If they don't open it. . . I lose and they lose." (paraphrased)
Here are 10 ideas you can tailor and test for your subscriber list:
1)  Offer free strategies inside the email if they open it. 
2)  Use an alpha-numeric number followed by promised tips or strategies - for some
     strange human behavior reason- people's attention is drawn to printed numbers
     (like 5 tips, 7 questions you can ask, 10 tested strategies, etc.)
3)  Get this book, read it and use the ideas "How to write a Good Advertisement" by 
     Victor O. Schwab -
     or copy and past this link in your browser to read more http://amzn.to/l67ITz
4)  Offer a new digital product, PDF report, podcast, ebook sample, coupon.
     or other digital, helpful resource just for reading the email.  Assuming you
     are an expert in your field, write some beneficial, coaching reports to help
     your prospects make more comfortable buying decisions.  
    * A True salesman will serve the prospect while helping him or her
     make the best, most informed decision that will help his or her situation.
5)  Make sure your subscribers recognize you as the sender.  Since they opted
     in for your newsletter, make sure the email "from" address is consistent
     and you can test identifying your URL, newsletter name or company name
     at the beginning of the subject line.
6)  Use a probing question that targets their desire.  Let's say you are selling loans.
    Ask them a question to arouse the suspicion that they may not be getting the
    best rate or if a new loan product has recently come to the market, ask them
    if they know whether they qualify for a new product with better rates.
7)  Use a personal touch by giving your name in the subject line and in the
     signature of your emails and site blog or articles.  People like to buy from
     people and trust and familiarity is the name of the game.  You can also
    test using their first name in the email subject line.
    Aweber's email smart auto-responder service does this automatically if 
    you use them for your email campaigns.  You can try them out for $1 
     if they still have that promotion going.
     Try this link for more information: http://www.aweber.com/?297893
8)  If you send out a periodic newsletter at a consistent frequency- split test
    adding the issue number in the subject line along with the title or teaser to
    help your subscribers feel that they are in a continuity process.  People
    are creatures of routine and habit - so test this one out for sure. 
9)  Use the curiosity approach whenever possible.  It has been shown in decades
     of scientific advertising that human curiosity is one of the most compelling motives
     that causes people to take action.   Use appropriate curiosity that connects with
     their desires.  For more information on approaches you can test, reading and 
     testing ideas is one of the best ways to get better - try Claude Hopkins timeless
     books: Scientific Advertising and My Life in Advertising
     (they print both in 1 edition for about $12) 

     *** True Story:  My wife, Jen bought this book for me several years ago from Amazon, 
     and it has been one of the best "reads" on improving marketing and advertising 
     for us and clients that I have ever owned.  I was thrilled when I found out that
    she could get both of these classics in 1 book for only about $12 at Amazon.
     here -  http://amzn.to/jkFvIh
10)  Use a series:  In other words, give helpful lessons or reports in several installments.
    If you were selling some kind of craft or "how-to" books or even the supplies that
    go with your products, you could offer a 3 part series so that those who are interested
    will be looking for the next installment of the lesson.
    If I were doing a series on "How to build an Oak Dresser", I might have it in a series of
    3 lessons like this ( I used to do a lot of wood work - so I do have some experience):
    "How to Build an Oak Dresser: Part 1 of  3 - The supplies and prep work. . ."
    "How to Build an Oak Dresser: Part 2 of  3 - How to build it (with blueprint!)"
    "How to Build and Oak Dresser: Part 3 of 3- How to put the right finish coats"
11)  Bonus Item -  Try a contest approach.  You can offer a mystery prize for those
    who get involved or a bonus item for the first 10 or 100 purchases - whatever makes
    sense to your subscriber list and your products or services.  You can also offer more
    registration entries for those who get most involved.  We had fun doing this while
    building a logo and design for one of our guitar review sites.  We got a lot of great
    feedback and made changes to the design from the contestants.   We also got some
    very cheap insight and feedback from them as they openly shared why they liked and
    disliked certain logos and color schemes. You can often give away something fun and
    inexpensive too like a gift card to Amazon or some other related online store that
    fits your subscriber interests.  You can get more information and see denominations
    at Amazon.com here:  http://amzn.to/k3uBMF
What other ideas have you tried to help get subscribers to open your emails?
Let us know by replying via email, our contact form or by posting a comment below.
Also- if you found this helpful- please forward it to a friend or friends that might
Yours in online success-
Aaron Schulman for AimAdvantage.com

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