Domain Name Strategies - Getting Free Traffic While Protecting Your Brand

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Getting Low Cost, Highly Targeted Traffic and Brand Security:
7 Strategic Steps to getting traffic with key word rich domain names:
When I was first getting my feet wet in the online world of developing profitable websites, I was a bit

and sometimes took professional advice too far (because I could not afford specific

coaching that was tailored to my specific needs). One expert I followed had said to buy up all of the
domain names and extensions (.net, .org, .com, .biz etc.) as well as the hyphenated versions for my

domain names, so without much thought, I began buying every domain name related to my brand

name for fear of competition.
2 Years after that, I no longer owned most of them. 
1) I had no use for them ultimately and changed direction since then
2) I didn't have the resources to develop all of them and they didn't bring in much as far
     as referred traffic ( I didn't know what I was doing)
That being said, there is a good strategy for buying domain names that will ultimately get referral
traffic and can help with SEO while also protecting your brand name. If you already have an
established brand, and have the budget- it is good to buy up versions of your domain name with
different extension as well as hyphenated versions to protect your URL and brand from sleazy
spammers and not-so sleazy competition. 
For example: you could consider for about $8-$10 per year, per name to go ahead and 
buy these versions: (if you plan on marketing to phones)
etc. etc. etc.)
Also- versions of :
(etc. etc.) - 
But I would only recommend doing this as your budget allows and as you are sure that you will be

using your URL for years to come.
Getting traffic with domain names
As more and more people get things going online, more and more domain names are being
gobbled up by individuals, companies and "retailers" who buy key word rich domain names
and then re-sell them to small and big shots for big bucks.  This is an entire business of its
own and can be very lucrative for someone with good backing, know how, and the ability to
sit on domain names until someone is willing to cough up the cash for them.
BUT - How does this help you???
Try this simple little strategy for getting free traffic to your site with key word rich domains:

Let's say you are trying to sell "wrenches" online - One way to begin to get traffic is to go directly to
the "Google Keyword Tool" online and to begin typing in your products and services Google will
return a list of relevant, related search phrases, competition for that phrase, global and local
monthly search volumes.  
"wrenches" returns an incredible 90,500 global searches per month.
See the diagram here:
Unless you were setting up a massive shopping cart selling all kinds of wrenches, or developing an
affiliate site to refer people to vendors who sell wrenches, this might be too "wide" or general of a
key word phrase for you.  However, I would certainly buy it for $10 and hold on to it until some large
manufacturer like Craftsman gave me a call.  (I would actually call several wrench manufacturers
and see who would bid the highest for it as I have no need for it, but it should be a fairly valuable
domain name.  I would also list it on domain name market places so that the public can bid on it
through a 3rd party site, like SEDO).  
*** Assuming you are not going into the domain name business as an investor,
you might drill down to find domain names that are more specific to the exact models or kinds of
wrenches in which you specialize (more long-tail word phrases).  
You may specialize in: 
-socket wrenches
-pipe wrenches
-adjustable socket wrenches
-spark plug socket wrenches
Once you find the more product specific key words, continue building your list and drilling down to

get more highly specific key word phrases that range from 3 to 7 words long.  
example: would be a great 4-word key phrase if you were interested

in targeting only spark plug socket wrenches (buyers)
Be sure to have a plan or ability to either sell them yourself or to find an affiliate program with a
vendor or multiple manufacturers who sell models of spark plug socket wrenches.  Once you are
confident you are able to sell them or refer traffic to a reputable company that does, you are ready
for . . .

Then, buy only those that are available after setting up an account at a server and domain name
company and re-seller like Bluehost.  You can host unlimited domains at Bluehost and their support
is superb (we set up all client sites there when possible).   Make sure you have the time and resources
to develop a mini-site that has several pages with high quality articles about different brands or kinds
of spark plug socket wrenches.  Embed links in those articles to your vendor sites using your affiliate
link or to your shopping cart if you are selling them yourself.  Offer original, quality reviews of the
different brands you are selling in article form.

Because the domain name is already key word rich, you have an advantage for ranking higher in the
search engines for that phrase and that site.  Next, begin approaching related but non-competitive
website owners (small - single owners - not large corporate sites) and offer quality articles related to
their topics that have variations of your domain name and  key words embedded in the article.  
You offer the quality article in turn for the "back-links".  The back-links will begin to help bring targeted
traffic to your key word and article rich site as well as help out to bring your pages higher in the 
search engines.
Make an honest assessment of all of the key word rich available domain names you can budget that
are related to the products and services you offer.  All of these mini sites, if done well, can bring in
tributaries of highly targeted traffic for years to come, both through Search Engine Traffic as well
as article referred traffic. 

Set up some kind of continuity marketing program with helpful messages related to using your product
and services for those who opt-in for your newsletter Setting up multiple opt-ins and a squeeze-page
can help you build a highly targeted list.  Be sure to keep your messages relevant to your industry and
offer value in your email campaign so they will learn to trust you as a resource in helping with their
-To more traffic and sales conversions for you!

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