Get 2 to 10 times more traffic in Google by focusing on 1 thing

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Increase your income 2 to 10 times with 1 simple strategy

Cornell University did a study a while back and revealed how the top 10 rankings in Search Engines differed greatly in the amount of traffic they bring.

These numbers reflect the percentage of people that clicked through based on the page results in the top 10 of the Search Engine.

The click through rate (CTR) is the percent of people who clicked on the search engine results when they typed in a particular search phrase.

*Top 10 Ranking click through rates: 

1- 56.36%  (notice how the first natural position received over 1/2 of the traffic!)
2- 13.45%
3- 9.82%
4- 4.00%
5- 4.73%
6- 3.27%
7- 0.36%
8- 2.91%
9- 1.45%
10- 2.55%

*Ref-James Martell

Now, clearly, these results would vary depending on the search phrase and the meta description (the little paragraph after the search engine result that described the page you would click to) and even the search engine used, but these results convey a very convincing message:

Getting top 10 Natural Search Engine Rankings can cause a 2 to 10 fold increase in traffic and a corresponding increase in revenue, depending on what your ranked page is doing to convert traffic.

The reason I decided to write this article is simply because many clients at first do not understand the value and the power that a top 10 ranking can bring, nor the effort it takes to gain and sustain a top 10 ranking.  Though it is an investment, the ROI can be quite powerful on the revenue generating side

and the traffic / lead results can last for years if done correctly.

Understanding Search Engine Results (basic):

For example, if I pull up Google and type "best cat food" here is what I currently get from my location:

Google top 10 natural results

Notice the 3 areas in boxes above.

The very top  "pink area" marked "#1 paid" in this particular search engine result reveals the top 3 "paid" positions (as per a pay-per-click) campaign.

The extreme right position marked "#3 paid" in this particular search engine result reveals the rest of the "paid" positions.

This article is referring to the box marked "#2 Natural" results.  These are the pages that the search engine returned when I typed in "best cat food" and these pages are not there via accident.

Now, these are hypothetical numbers following, but are also very conservative:

Consider that every 100 clicks converts to $20 for your business in this example.

Your site-page is currently not ranking in the top 10 and you get 10-30 clicks per month.  

You may convert $20 every 3-10 months for a particular phrase because your traffic is so minimal.

Now, let's say we complete a trusted, high quality backlink campaign and in 6-8 months, your same page is ranking at position #5.

Your traffic may be 4.73% of 22,000 global searches or 18,100 local searches average per month for "best cat food" 

Actual Google results for this search phrase "best cat food":

Google traffic top 10 results

At position #5, converting $20 for every 100 clicks would result in the following revenue.

0.0473 X 22,000 global searches = 1040.6 clicks

1040.6 clicks divided by 100 = 10.41 conversions.

10.41 conversions x $20 per conversion = $208.12 per month in position 5.

Here's where SEO can get exciting:

Let's focus over the next 3-6 months to rank #1 for this phrase for this converting page ( I would continue doing this past this time frame to secure the #1 position):

In 6-12 months our clicks will go from 4.73% to 56.36%

which is an increase of 11.91 time more clicks!

Assuming the conversion of our page remains the same, we would expect to see an increase in revenue from

$208.12 per month to (11.91 X  $208.12) = $2479.84 per month (approximately)

Moving from the 5th position in Google to the first position in Google would

increase the revenue in this scenario by 11.9 times!

So, reflecting on your company and your current search engine rankings.

What would a top 10 Google Ranking be worth to your company?

What would a #1 ranking be worth?

It would depend on so many factors (i.e. the search phrase, the conversion rate of your page, the page title and  description, etc. and the longevity and quality of your backlinks and ultimate quality of your ranking status).

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Hope this blesses your efforts!


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