Get the Hello Bar to Direct Traffic and more!

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Great Free Conversion Bar, easy to install

Look at the  top of our website and you will see this nifty free hello bar (currently free)
We use this little bar to convert visitors to subscribers currently
Recently, we found out about the Hello Bar - A great free tool in beta version that you can get for any website as long as you have a twitter account, a website and email address.  If you look at our website, we use the hello bar to help people opt-in to our newsletter (at the time of this post - we may discover it has more effective uses later-  but we'll see).
It is the neat little bar at the top of every page with a single headline and link to go to our opt-in / free reports / newsletter page - and it is a cinch to install.
First- go and grab your free account at -
Currently, you have to post their link in a twitter message and then wait for your approval account link - but that may change in the future
Once approved, you will go through the following steps to customize and build yours.
Step 1:  After getting your account approved, login to your account at
Configure whether you want to make your hello bar have a specific link or whether you want it to display a message and links via an RSS feed.  This setup explanation is for a sinle headline and link to our opt-in page with a special report and newsletter.
Step 2:  Customize the Headline and links for your bar - simply type your hello bar message, link and link URL
Step 3: Configure the color, font and overall style of your hello bar.
(you can check whether you want to update your hello bar using twitter or not as an alternative)
Step 4: Save your custom hello bar.
Step 5:  Copy your code and go to your php template or html page where you want the hello bar to show up on your site.  Make sure you past the code from here between the body tags "<body> and </body>"
Then test your hello bar.  It's that simple.
Let us know how it works for you.  
If you need help installing this or if you would like a more thorough diagnosis of your site conversion rate and process, please contact us for an evaluation.

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