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Get to the top 10 in Google the right way:
Watch this live process as we take a website from non-existent to the top 10 in Google:
Recently- we started building a new website based on guitar reviews.  It is a basic affiliate model type website whereby we post reputable, researched reviews on acoustic guitars and present the best products with detailed explanations of their features and benefits.  
This site will be worthless without traffic and solid reviews. 
So we are working diligently on both.
A month ago, this site did not exist in the search engines, and only 4 weeks later, we are already on the rise due to real, nose-to-the-grind SEO that anyone can learn to do.  
The 4 factors that make SEO work for any site are:
1)  Quality content on your pages
2)  Quality content on other sites linking back to your pages
3)  The right kind and diversity of contextual links (anchor links) for the phrases you want to win in the Search Engines
4)  Consistent, quality effort (not giving up)
Here is a picture of the most recent page rankings for key words we are working toward, and you can also see how many pages are out there on Google that contain these phrases and where we rank.
As you can see, we have already ranked, 198, 18, 39 and 1 for selected keyword phrases. 
However, anyone in the SEO field knows that if you are above 10, your pages are not very good for sales- perhaps good for researchers and competition, and a few other types.
Now compare how many pages are indexed in Google and how close we are to the top of the crop!
  • "best beginner acoustic guitar" 198 out of 869,000 results
  • "acoustic guitar reviews at" - 1 out of 58 (this is useless until we make a noticeable brand)
  • "beginner acoustic guitar" - 0 out of  1,430,000 results
  • "beginner acoustic guitars" - 0 out of  405,000 results
  • "reviews about acoustic guitars" - 0  out of 1,110,000 results
  • "reviews on acoustic guitars" - 0 out of 1,110,000 results
  • "acoustic guitar reviews" - 0 out of  3,220,000 results
  • "best beginner acoustic guitar reviews" - 18 out of 888,000 results
  • "best beginner guitar" - 39 out of 3,430,000 results
  • "" - 1 out of 58 - this is also useless until we make a wider brand impression
  • "guitar reviews site here" - 0 out of 52,300,000 results - extremely long tail keyword phrase that will not bring results, but will help build search engine trust affecting other SEO work.

We've got a road ahead of us until we see top 10 rankings, and quite a bit of work until we see affiliate sales, but stay tuned as we show you how we do it.  

Lord willing, we'll get these pages ranked well as we continue to work consistently at the effort.  

Stay tuned and subscribe below to follow our progress and to learn how we are working at this.  You can use the same techniques for your business.

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I really like the article you posted on facebook this evening. The article provides a great description of how your services help businesses. I have always wondered how the google rankings worked.

New leads or clients costs time, effort and money to obtain. By using traditional methods of cold calling, mailers and/or network meetings can be costly and the results are harder to track. However, old habits are hard to break and if business owners don't see or understand the benefit of using the internet to market their business, they will never change.

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Thanks for the response Tal. I agree. Old habits are hard to break but if you have ever read the book"Who Moved My Cheese" by Dr. Spencer Johnson, one of the main takeaways is how it is necessary to adapt / to reconfigure our methods and goals because what worked well 5 years ago might tank today. Change is inevitable, and using multiple streams of exposure can be costly and tiring, but it is often necessary to compete (depends on a lot of factors).

However- there are a lot of people that don't know how to move up in the search engines, or don't know the VALUE of SEM (search engine marketing) or wouldn't know how to test whether a key word will bring a return on investment if someone paid to have a service help with Search Engine rankings for that phrase.

The difference in our approach is perhaps:
1) test the phrase first on a sampling budget (with Adwords or pay-per-click)
2) if it shows real promise of a return- then invest in getting ranked naturally

Hope this helps.

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Here is an updated status on our Search Engine Rankings for the new site, We have moved up 10 spots in Google for on of our major targeted keywords, "best beginner acoustic guitar" and it has only been 3 days since our last update. Stay tuned!

You'll notice that we've dropped a few spots for "best beginner guitar", but this early in a website's life, the rankings will be quite volatile.  Search Engines need to know we've been around for a while before putting too much trust in the page ranks.

Longevity or time is certainly a part of the algorithm!




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Fun to watch the fruits of your labors.

Our SEO just improved for targeted phrases on the Affiliate Guitar Reviews site 13 spots in a little over an hour, and improved by 4 spots for another targeted phrase and 5 spots for yet another key phrase we are working toward.

It will be a while yet. . . but it's fun to watch.  (compare rankings to those above)


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