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While searching for a great beginning to a dynamic (java script based) feedback tool so that visitors could give us unsolicited (perhaps) and free-form text feedback (instead of canned, click only robotic responses), I found and installed this great tool developed by Ollie Rattue of

You can get this nifty comment feedback tool and install it for free in under a minute if you know where your page files are and can add a snippet of code.


The basis of wanting a feedback tool that is un-canned (user can write their feedback freely instead of just clicking on buttons) is because unsolicited feedback where a user can thoroughly explain their thoughts can be far more useful for enhancing your site and usability than simple canned responses or Likert scales where a person just rates on a scale of 1 to 5 or whatever the scale might be.

Additionally there are many open source codes out there to configure, as well as paid 3rd party server sources for feedback forms including but not limited to:


There are many great feedback tools, but if you are testing or are on a limited time or budget constraint, this is a great start for a tool and so far it is working seamlessly for me.  

This installs in less than a minute if you have access to your page template or html code for your website.

Step1: Register with only an email address

All you do is register for your site code with your email address here:

Fill out your emailaddress and click on "get your barometer now"

Then, it will take you to a second screen where your css and javascript code will be located.  This code is unique to your site and runs through amazon aws servers.

Step 2: Copy your unique code on the next page



Step 3: Open your php template or html page and insert the code before the end body tag


Once you are finished, make sure you have saved it on every page that you need it.  If your site runs from a php template, you may only have to do this once.

Try it out and let us (or the builder of the tool - Ollie Rattue here: ) how it works for you!

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