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Did you know that 70 % or more of your online traffic comes to your site once, only to never return (for most websites)?

Did you also know there are strategies and tools that you can implement today that would turn many of these ghost visitors into relationships leading to future sales and business?

There are several tools on the market today, as well as design strategies that will greatly add to your ability to capture information from website visitors so that you have additional, permission based opportunities to market and sell your products or services to otherwise 1 visit wonders!

  • Imagine you currently get 100 daily unique visitors to your site or store
  • Statistically, 70 % on average will never return
  • Would you enjoy learning how to implement improvement tools to turn much of that 70 % into relationships that will either buy from you in the future, or refer you to friends or family who will buy?

With the right offer, you can build an opt-in form or squeeze page that is specifically designed to capture more visitor information so that you can prove to many of these human visitors that you have the solution to their problems.

How do you get started increasing your visitor capture rate?

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First:  Develop a free offering strategy

Visitors who are interested in your product or services will most likely be interested in free information or value added reports that you can provide in return for their simple contact information (the less you ask for at first, the higher your opt-in rates will be in general - but this should be tested of course).  You can offer a discount, coupon for free evaluation, free valuable downloadable report, a free tool that will help them in the decision-making process, or any other thing of value that can be digital and not cost you much to produce and give away.

Second:  Set up your squeeze page or opt-in form

Make sure you set up your form using a tool that can handle their contact information, and provide an excellent follow up email, newsletter delivery service with an outstanding ISP reputation and deliverability rate, such as AWEBER email marketing.  Generally, it is good to ask for a first name and primary email address in exchange for your free tool, report, or other offering.  This will give you an opportunity to provide more value to them for simply giving their contact information, while having their invitation to show your stuff and market your services to them.

Make sure that your marketing language follows the age old formula: AIDA

Attention:  Use a headline that appropriately captures their attention and is related to their need and your product

Interest: Continue your page dialogue and make sure it peaks their interest by building upward and ratcheting the offering

Desire: Make sure to link your offering directly in a way that will satisfy their desire

Action:  Make sure your call to action is clear, simple and easy to perform.

By getting in the habit of using AIDA, your copy-writing skills will improve over time and your response rate will increase as well.

Third:  Have a solid follow through strategy

Now that you have captured their information with the right to market to them, earn their respect and trust by continuing to send value to their inbox.  Make your emails packed with solid information that continues to teach or add value to help answer questions and meet their needs.  This is your opportunity to be an authority on your products and services to this prospect.  Server them well and you will be paid well for it!

Fourth:  Have a sales strategy

Sometimes, right after your prospect has opted in, this can represent the best time to sell something of value.  This technique, sometimes called "up-selling" is a great practice if done with taste, ethics and value.  Having a sales strategy where 80% to 90 % of your messages focus on teaching and giving away valuable information, and 10% to 20% is offering products and services related to the teaching is a great range to begin testing.  Often, at this rate to begin, you prospects will remain in the database and continue to read your emails and tolerate your sales pitches until your offer hits their need at the right time and right price.  The key to building and maintaining a solid database of relationships is to continually give them value and insight in your emails and newsletters.  These deposits of value can create a positive buying atmosphere, and if you are one of the only authority figures giving away value to them, they are far more likely to buy from you than a cold ad or sales page because you have deposited value into their lives, and have developed some level of trust and rapport with them

Fifth: Always test and improve

Perhaps the most important fundamental of success, after researching and knowing your prospect, your product and your competition, is to continually test and improve your message, offer, headlines, products, etc.  Testing, tracking and improving the process will continue to help you gain an increasing ROI.  Say for example, you currently have 20 unique visitors opting into your newsletter every day, while you have 50 visitors to your site daily.  This would give you a solid 40% opt in rate.  As you test different headlines, offers, calls to action, designs, etc. and you find a change that gives you 22 opt-ins for every 50 visitors, you just increased your potential annual customer and referral base by 4%, or by 730 individuals per year without adding a single dime to your advertising budget.  

Testing and improving all aspects of your marketing and sales funnel continuously is good stewardship and will always help to improve your ROI for your lead generation or traffic dollars.

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