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Join this contest for free and here's what you'll get

  • be entered in a drawing for a mystery prize* 
    (*PRIZE REGISTRY OPTIONS WILL INCLUDE: gift certificates to amazon, partylite, and / or website design related products i.e. free logo design, gift certificate for $250-$500 in web development, or a free starter website built on Drupal from us!  Additionally, reserves the right to add additional prizes if necessary)
  • get free exposure for your business, organization or cause all at the same time with links back to your site
  • you be the judge - give quality feedback on every step of the development process
  • watch and learn how an affiliate marketing niche website is built from start to finish
  • more traffic as people see your views, feedback, comments and links back to your site (if you want)
  • learning the process of getting traffic to your site while we demonstrate it before your eyes over several weeks

Here's what we're doing and how you can get involved. . .

We're going to build a website and want your feedback

The theme of the site will be an affiliate marketing product site featured around acoustic guitar reviews and potentially other music related reviews and products.

(you don't even have to like or know anything about guitars to join the contest, but you do need a few things).

Just take these steps to have a chance to win:

  1. Get a free account to (register here for FREE to get started) 
    *NOTE* if you have already registered and logged in, just keep reading and go to phase 1
  2. Give your honest and quality feedback on any or every stage
  3. Share this contest on just 1 of these: twitter, facebook account and/or blog where you will follow us, friend us, or post updates with links each time you post your critique.
    if you don't have any of these, you can easily find other blogs by Googling "music blogs", "guitar blogs" or "web design blogs" or "any related subject blogs" and make quick posts
  4. Stay involved for more chances at prizes (the more different phases you comment on, the more chances you have to win)

Just do this next:

Go to phase 1 of the contest and follow all of the directions by clicking on the next button below.
(Make sure you have registered on this site and are logged in.  If you have troubles, please send feedback or contact us above)


if the button does not work for some reason, click on this link or copy and paste the URL in your browser.



Aaron  Schulman for


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