Which of these Social Proof Methods do you use to increase Sales and Opt-ins?

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How to tap the hidden profits in your current and past business for more sales, opt-ins and a more profitable list.

-What is it?  
-How does it help you improve sales?  
-How can you get more?

Part 1: Social proof in sales and marketing differs from the 

"psychological definition" but is similar.  In sales and marketing, 
simply put, social proof is having clear indications (proof) 
from outside, public resources (social) that your work, claims, and 
value propositions are legit-
*** In simple terms, social proof is visible proof that other people 
think your stuff is good or that it works . . . and
social proof can take many forms:
Testimonials are great. . . written, audio and video all work well and 
you should test which ones work best for your products / services

For example (true testimonial):  

Brent Long of Long on Life said about Aaron Schulman (me) and
Aim Advantage (developer of Squeeze-Page.com) the following. . .

"I liked how well Aaron's stuff worked that I asked him to become a 
part of my [Long on Life] Team"  -Brent E. Long 2008

We have had a working relationship with Long on Life now for almost 4
years and still continue to help Brent Long fill boot camps and generate
marketing exposure for business and revenue generation here-

(please don't register unless you are local and plan to attend- however
if you do need sales coaching or executive training- Brent's the best and
you don't need to be local to have him help you generate more sales)
Example # 2  HIJACKED Website - seriously

When Dr. Won Han of Munster Animal Hospital called on us - their
web guy literally had them held hostage. . . (no kidding!)
Well, that was a little dramatic. . . they were free to come and go but
their website was being held hostage by a designer who was
AWOL (Absent Without Leave) and we quickly came in to regain
control of their "hijacked web presence" and taught their staff
how to design and update their own website.  
Then. . .

Over the course of 2 plus years, we developed a forum for 
pet lovers because Dr. Han had a vision to reach beyond the 
walls of the Hospital but didn't know how . . . and 
We helped them develop http://www.animalloversforum.com/ that now
ranks in Google's top 10 for some competitive key word phrases
directly related to pet owners and trained their staff how to run the site.
The Money is in the List - have you heard that before?
We also developed a "list building strategy" for them and they now have hundreds
of subscribers that continues to grow daily -  real people who 
come back for monthly, repeat business from coupons
and promotions that we helped them set up through a "squeeze-page"
or opt-in page here -  http://www.munstervip.com/ - 
Did you know that the average business receives about 80% or more 

of it's revenue from repeat business and in online business, there is no 

better way to  get repeat business going than to develop a highly targeted 

squeeze-page and  "permission-based" or "voluntary" subscriber list . . .

(Note of Caution,  this stuff takes time, patience, and 

research to make it profitable and effective)
Dr. Won Han also said on the phone and in email, 

"I very much appreciate Aaron's (AimAdvantage.com)

 integrity and work he has done for us."
Part 2: How does social proof help you build sales?

Not meaning to insult your intelligence,
we're sure you know that social proof helps you generate
more sales because it helps to reduce buyer inhibition and overcome
initial skepticism.  With all of the hype and spam online these days,
it takes time to earn trust "electronically" and people still like to buy
from people they like (generally) and trust.
* Social proof * helps reduce buyer inhibitions and skepticism 
and helps other people see that you aren't just standing on a 
corner, alone,  with a megaphone, trying to prove that your 

product is great or that your services work.
Social proof helps speed up the trust process a bit, as well
as helps to "demonstrate" your product, services and validity.
(If you get a chance,  read Claude Hopkins 

"Scientific Advertising" as he shows how "Demonstration" helped 
his companies sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of household goods
and this was in the early to mid 1900's!

(and his principles are still highly touted by experts today)
Part 3:  How can you get more social proof?
1)  Ask for it - really!  Ask clients and prospects what they
think of your products and services as soon as you can.
If they are not yet a buyer and you are sharing valuable information
or reports or samples, ask them to give you honest feedback and get
permission to use their feedback - it's actually pretty simple
and you would be surprised how often people love to give positive
feedback for investing in them.
2)  Put a comment box on your "recommendation or referral" form.

If you have an online "share box" you can sometimes capture other
people's comments as to "why" they shared your info.

3)  Do some freelance work  related to your product and services
through 3rd party marketplaces like Elance and get good feedback.

4)  Use Twitter, Facebook, Social Book Marks and Community

Sites like Squidoo.com or HubPages.com to post your expertise

or valuable uses for your products and get proof that way.
5)  Do you have some other ideas on getting more social proof?  
      Reply to this post or contact us and share them if you have some ideas.
**** Now I have a question for you ***** 
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To your success!


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