Timeshare & Vacation Industry Struggles Are Creating Massive Discount Opportunities

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. . . It's just a matter of knowing where to look.

A 15 year old technology & travel company launches a new membership division - offering thousands of everyday hotel stays, vacation packages, week long condos, exquisite cruises and  luxury vacations at true wholesale prices.  

Whether you are looking for a 2-night hotel stay in Las Vegas, Nevada, a week long RCI condo rental or a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas, economic trends have many massive real estate companies practically giving vacations away to people like you and me.

"Due to Economic Trends Affecting the Travel Industry, thousands of people are finding true-wholesale vacation properties for pennies on the dollar.  It's a matter of searching in the right place."

said David Easterbrooks, president of Good Fortune Travel and Lifestyle.

Recently, and by a strange chain of events, I was able to meet and interview David Easterbrooks, the new president of a rapidly growing travel membership company that seems to be making timeshares obsolete for many people while practically giving hotel stays and luxury vacations away.  
Before meeting David, I had little knowledge of the travel industry, but what I have learned in the last several months has helped me understand how luxury resorts, condos and every-day hotel stays are now being sold at literally pennies-on-the-dollar with companies like Good Fortune Travel and Lifestyle.


Come to find out, it is better for hotels, condos, resorts and luxury cruise liners to rent rooms out at big bargain maintenance costs rather than to have units sit empty, which translates into serious savings for informed travelers and vacationers like you and me. 

“Real Estate Companies would rather cover their maintenance costs and keep units occupied than to have them sit empty.  Filled units at wholesale are better than empty units for many reasons.”  

-said David.
Thousands of unsold and un-used inventory in the hotel, timeshare resort and cruise industry have been gobbled up by private label membership companies like Good Fortune Travel and sold under-the-radar at true wholesale prices saving people hundreds and even thousands of dollars on vacation, business and leisure stays.
On top of that, some of these major real estate companies are re-inventing and birthing smaller subsidiary companies to help move these thousands of unfilled inventory across the globe.  Good Fortune Travel and Lifestyle  was just such a company that was birthed out of a marriage of a 15 year old successful technology company and the travel industry's needs to sell more wholesale-direct properties.
The owners and executives of these real estate giants know that dishing off un-filled inventory at wholesale pricing can have many positive effects beyond covering basic costs.  
Among some of the benefits for the Real Estate owners are:
  • Competitors will be less likely to get the benefits of other spending and upsells
  • Travelers will spend more money on other goods while vacationing
  • More patrons gives other vacationers a more positive feeling about the location
  • Local tourist spending will keep the entire area in a better cash flow situation
  • Real estate has more value when the surrounding areas are doing well.

Major Engines like Priceline, Travelocity, Hotels.com, Orbitz, and AAA can't access these kinds of deals.

While many people are still finding discounted retail stays and decent rates through multi-billion dollar travel engines like Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline and AAA, others are quickly learning about true wholesale-direct properties being offered through Good Fortune Travel.
The Founder of Good Fortune Travel (GFT), Jonnathan King, owns the technology that has hosted the feeds for other higher priced travel membership companies.  
It was a natural decision to launch GFT because his company, Digital Marketing Specialists, already maintains the live feeds for all of these incredible deals.   
There are so many thousands of un-used inventory that these companies continually work to find other ways to get the word out to more people. 
They even have an exclusive lowest price guarantee with all of the Wyndham Hotel Properties, who also owns RCI, one of the largest Timeshare Companies in the World.
Good Fortune Travel and Lifestyle is a natural result of these factors, and more and more people are taking advantage of the jaw-dropping savings”

7 Day Condo stays within Driving Distance and Luxury Liners at Pennies On the Dollar

Not only are there thousands of wholesale timeshare condo locations within driving distance, but there are literally thousands of other vacation packages, cruises and all inclusive resorts being sold at maintenance costs (true wholesale):
  • Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, NV for $26 per night
  • Stormy Point Village - Branson, MO –2 BR Condo 7 days and nights $309 
  • Cancun – Riviera Maya – 7 Nights – All Inclusive including Airfare for $599
  • 6 Night Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Cayman  $328.83 per person
David continued. . .

“Not everyone has the need or desire to go on a cruise or travel to Cancun for a week, so we offer 2 memberships.

Most people have a need for a few hotel stays each year for personal, business, vacation or for housing a friend or family member who has come to visit.  So we decided on two membership levels."

Two Membership Levels at Good Fortune Travel

He continued. . .

"Most people are starting with the Premium Package for $265 with no monthly fees.  

This membership covers all the travel needs for 80% - 90% of people out there and people start saving immediately.  

They generally make their membership money back within the first 2 uses.

When they decide to take the big vacation, people are simply upgrading to the Grand Premium Membership at $650.  

All they do is click “upgrade” in their online private office and pay the difference.

The Grand Premium Membership gives people everything in the Premium Membership, plus access to thousands of Cruises and RCI Timeshare properties at rock-bottom prices."

Then David began to tell me one of many true stories about what some people were experiencing.

They would have saved $1600. . .

David continued. . .

"I recently had a friend take his wife on a cruise BEFORE they learned about GFT.  They got some discount and paid over $2300 for both to go.

We found the exact same cruise through our Grand Premium Membership for just under $350 per person.  

They would have saved $1600 if they had known!”

Good Fortune Travel also has an inside relationship with the Wyndham Family of Properties so they guarantee the lowest rates on their own properties within the membership at Wyndham's proprietary hotels like:
  • Ramada
  • Days Inn
  • Super 8
  • Baymont
  • Microtel
  • Howard Johnson
  • Travel Lodge
  • Knights Inn
and some more upper end hotels and suites like
  • Wyndham
  • Wyndham Grand Collection
  • Wyndham Gardens
  • TRYP (all throughout Europe and S. America)
  • Wingate
  • Hawthorne
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Dream Hotels and more. . .
And since Jonathan King's company houses the live travel feeds for a conglomerate of other travel engines, they are able to offer thousands of other properties and deals at true basement- rock bottom prices.  
Some of the categories in the Premium Membership ($265 annually) include:
65% off everyday hotel deals
Hot Rate hotels (cherry-picked)
Family Getaway Packages
Romantic Getaways & Wedding Collection 
Golf / Spa / Luxury Packages
International Tours & Land Excursion Packages
Car Rentals + Limos
European Rail Tours
Daily access to condo resorts
With the Grand Premium Membership at $650 annually, it includes everything in the $265 Premium Package and more luxury travel opportunities.  
This is where the serious vacationers can literally save thousands per year on. . .
Cruises at massive discounts
7-Day condo resorts - up to 90% discount
Rustic Cabin Retreats at wholesale
Special Hotel Resort Discounts World-wide
True wholesale "under-the-radar"
combo package trips - air + hotel / all-inclusive
David continued to say,

"It's like your own Travelocity, Priceline, Orbitz on steroids!"

He also mentioned that many people are using the travel memberships for more philanthropic uses such as giving a vacation to a pastor and his family as well as using discount hotel stays as a gift for a friend in need.  They can even be used to save money on mission trips for churches and other organizations.

"Before I became president of GFT, I happened upon one of those hotel pitches for travel memberships similar to Good Fortune Travel. . .

. . . They started out selling the same package we offer for $8,900 and then dropped it to $3,900 to give a "perceived" discount and people were buying them left and right! 

With our company, we host all of the live travel feeds and have no outsourcing costs or exorbitant overhead, thereby passing the savings on to our members at thousands of dollars less than our competitors.

Plus, we have no monthly fees or minimums, whereas many other travel companies, especially timeshare companies require monthly payments and large booking fees."

They even pay members for referrals that become members. . . 

Not only is a Good Fortune Travel Membership the most competitive on the market in terms of value, reliability, most affordable entrance fee and their relationship with world-class companies like Wyndham and RCI Timeshares, they go the additional mile by sharing the membership revenues with members simply for sharing the idea.
More and more companies are realizing the power of Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing.
"If you knew of a place in town where you could get brand new tires at $150 less per tire than everywhere else, wouldn't you tell your friends, family members and co-workers?
We realize that when people find a great deal, they are very likely to share it with others.  
Smart company owners partner with their members and satisfied customers so that everyone benefits.
That is why Good Fortune Travel and Lifestyle pays out about 70% of their revenues to their most valued asset . . . their members."
-said David.
After a few weeks of investigation and comparing other companies, Jen and I realized we could not get these kinds of travel benefits at such a low price, so we joined the company as members and began sharing the benefits with everyone we knew.
Do you enjoy traveling?
Do you know anyone who could benefit from wholesale pricing on hotels, condos, luxury vacations, cruises and more?
To learn more about the Good Fortune Travel & Lifestyle memberships or for registration information . . .
About the editor:  Aaron Schulman is a web developer and strategist who is married to his best friend, Jennifer, and they have 3 daughters.  They both enjoy travel, building quality memories with their family, instilling good family values in their kids, cooking, and finding great bargains.