Generate more brand loyalty through relationship email marketing, social media, and more

It still takes a certain amount of trust to help someone swipe the credit card. . .

Building trust is still the name of the game in building a long-term, profitable business, would you agree?

People usually don't refer others to their friends and inner-circle if their trust has been violated. And with the onslaught of social media and social networking online, it is vital that your online presence fosters trust, transparency and a solid measure of trust transferability. 

Through our client-centered approach, Aim Advantage views each subscriber or friend as a human being, much like a next-door neighbor. We help companies develop marketing, offers and follow up processes that they would not be ashamed to promote to their own mothers, while being able to earn the trust of legitimate customers (sometimes, moms will buy simply because they are buying from their own kids)It should be easy to see that you are credible and trustworthy, or the growth of your business through social outlets and email marketing will simply experience lower numbers, growth, and sustainability.

We help clients use integrated prospecting and follow through strategies that help build brand awareness and loyalty through integrated CRM strategies such as:

  • Credible opt-ins and squeeze pages 
  • Solid follow through and relationship building through email campaigns
  • High quality "authority reports" to help position your company as the leading experts in your industires
  • Latest in website and email analytics to improve client satisfaction
  • Targeted polls (that you actually put to use in promotions and sales) 
  • Usability Testing
  • Voluntary List Segementation (to dig into the heart of your prospect's interests and desires)

and more. . .

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Aaron Schulman for Aim Advantage