Internet Facebook Youtube and Social Media Growth 2013

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2013 is not too far behind us. . .

There are probably a lot of things you would like to do differently in 2014 based on your 2013 results.

With 2014 racing off to a great start, here are some staggering statistics about:
  • Internet Growth
  • Facebook Growth
  • Youtube Growth
  • Social Media Growth
. . .from 2013.
How will you adjust your business strategies to take advantage of these amazing growth opportunities?
Internet Growth

  • facebook icon4 Facebook growth stats for the last 18 months
  • 1.19 Billion Active users in 2013- 18% over the previous year
  • 728 
  • million people log on to FB each day - 25% increase over 2012!
  • 16 million business pages as of May 2013 increase from 8 million year before- 100% increase in # of business pages.
  • 350 million photos uploaded every day
  • youtube-iconYoutube- 6 billion hours of Youtube videos watched in March of 2013 alone- 50% increase from August 2012!
  • May 2012- 3 billion hours watched.
  • Reaches more US adults people between 18 and 34 years old than any cable network
  • 2nd largest Search Engine- Bing, Yahoo and Ask combined
*** Statistics are taken from Facebook and Youtube.  Trademarks and icons are sole property of Facebook and Youtube.

Let us help you grow your online effectiveness in 2014!
We accomplish traffic and conversion improvement through the latest in technologies and hard-earned, nose to the grind experience from several years of serving clients around the globe, including but not limited to:
  • Strategic Web Development
  • Strategic Traffic and Lead Generation
  • Improving Conversion Rates through Measurable Scientific Optimization (no blind guesswork or opinions leading the charge)
  • Develop Powerful Community / Social Websites and tools using the most robust and scalable CMS (Content Management Systems) including Drupal, Wordpress and more
  • Quality SEO implementation and instruction - helping you achieve and sustain top 10 Rankings in the major search engines
  • Satisfied Client and Relationship Building through Integrated Email Marketing, Social Networking and the latest online and offline technologies
If you are already a subscriber and would like more information, contact us here or below,
or view our list of services to discover the best options for you.
Aaron Schulman for Aim Advantage        

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